Hi, my name is Tylah, I am currently 22 years old studying a Bachelor of Criminal Justice at the University of Canterbury. I have a passion for caring for people and following on from my degree, I am hoping to join the Police Force. Being able to care for and work alongside children of all ages is what I love! Being able to watch them grow and go through new experiences is something I enjoy most about being a babysitter.


I have had plenty of experience with being a nanny of a lovely 6-year-old boy and working as a camp counselor in Atlanta, working alongside up to 500 girls aged 5-14. With this experience I’ve learnt a lot skills such as patience, encouragement, support and always making sure they’re in a happy and safe environment. I have a lot of energy to give and ready for whatever is thrown at me (which I know is a lot!).


Regardless, I love being around children and I like to think they like being around me too! I am fun, reliable and love to be in the outdoors. I have a lot of time to give to children as I love helping them grow into the smart and confident young people they are.


I look forward to meeting with you!