July 7, 2020
July 22, 2020


Hi! I am Rosie, I am 25 and living in Wanaka for the winter. I have babysat for about eight years ʹ

I am happy to help with whatever you need and am always efficient and responsible. I have just returned from studying in America and work part-time as a human rights consultant. My Experience includes: Looking after two children ages 5 and 9 ʹ with them for full days, cooking, cleaning, driving them to sports practice, and planning fun activities (painting, games, going to the park etc). I’ve looked after one 3-year-old at nights ʹ mostly bathing, stories, getting to bed, tidying kitchen for the parents. ʹ looked after a family of three (1.5years, 4 years and 7 years) ʹ preparing food and feeding, cleaning house, bathing, getting to bed and stories, day activities and playing games. Lastly, I have looked after two boys, 4 and 8 ʹ cooking, entertaining them, getting to bed.  I cannot wait to meet your family!