Hi, I’m Lianke, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning in early childhood. I am a very social and outgoing person. I love the outdoors, going on adventures and playing sport. I am a big family person and relationships are especially important for me to have. I am originally from South Africa and can speak Afrikaans. I have also been learning Te Reo Maori and can speak this as well. I have been babysitting and doing before and after school care for the last 7 years. I babysit for many people within my community both where my family live and in Christchurch where I study. I have spent a lot of time in childcare centres and have done this when needed for University. In my previous jobs I have had to regularly make dinners and prepare food for the children as well as the family. I would also help clean and do light household chores.

I look forward to meeting you!