Michelle W
September 14, 2018
Jaimee T
March 14, 2019


Hi, my name is Levina, my partner and I used to live in Timaru for 2 months and my experience with children is mostly from looking after our friend’s children.

My partner’s sister has 2 boys (Mack 2 yo and Benji 6 months).  Mack and I love playing toy cars, chasing each other etc. I always play with their kids and look after them (Mason 6 yo and Poppy 3 yo) when we visit our best friend house in Timaru or when they come visit us in Wanaka. We normally play hide and seek, play on the trampoline, watch some movies, dance and anything that they want to play. They always fight each other to get my attention but doesn’t bother me as I’m very patient with kids. They have visited 3 times since we moved here last February, and the parents always asked me to babysit them while they were away at friends house until late.

My responsibilities are to keep the kids safe at all time, entertain them to the best of my ability, cleaning up, cooking if needed, transporting kids if needed as I have my own vehicle and any other needs request from parents. I look forward to meeting your family.