My name is Fin, I am 22 a year-old student and I currently live in Dunedin and have for the past four years; I have a Neuroscience degree from Otago University and have a passion for cognition and education. I hope to bring across everything I have learnt from my studies of the brain and behaviour along with my life experiences to educate/care for the next generation of Kiwi’s.

My experience includes: St Clair Primary school mentor for behaviourally challenged boys aged 11 (5 week programme). This involved a deep understanding of each boys behavioural tendencies, background and strengths/weaknesses. Babysitting an 11 year boy privately in Dunedin, Sport Canterbury holiday programme (5-13 years old) and I am currently on a teacher placement with year 5s and 6s.

My other passions are surfing, music and getting outside and having fun! I believe this carries over in my ambition as a future teacher and caregiver, unlocking each student’s unique potential to succeed and be happy is my priority.

I look forward to meeting you!