Hi my name is Ebony, I am a 21-year-old Teachers College student from Otago! I absolutely love children – hence why I’m studying to be a teacher. In 2019, after finishing high school the previous year I decided to travel for 5 months alone working at a children’s camp in America, volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Africa and visiting family in Australia. Because of this I do believe I have matured immensely and am able to be very independent when I need to be.

I am lucky to come from a family of teachers meaning I’ve had the chance to spend time in schools working as a teacher aide and helping out in kindergartens on my days off. I have a wide variety of experience working with children ranging from things such as being a nanny for a family of four and living at their house whilst the parents were away to being the Children’s Ministry Leader at my church!

Apart from working with kids I love to read, hang out with my friends, swim any chance I get and go to the movies. I am willing and able to take on a variety of different jobs regards to the age/amount of children. I will be based every now and then in Wanaka as well so happy to pick up some one off jobs!