Caitlin S

Hi I’m Caitlin, I first started being a sitter when I was 14, looking after young children from about 8-10, mainly while parents had things on in the evenings. I have been a sitter with one-off jobs ever since. When I was 15 I had my first regular sitting job where I looked after two girls after school twice a week until their parents came home – they were 8 and 12 years so my main job was to help prepare dinner and do a few chores. This job ended when the girls were older. I got a second regular job at 16 until 18 looking after 2 kids of about 6 and 8 after school twice a week, helping with homework/dinner/making sure the kids had a bath etc.. and looking after them on the weekends for a couple of hours when parents had work/training. I am a big fan of the outdoors and so were they so often took them out for walks/to the playground. I look forward to meeting your family!