Alex R

Hi i’m Alex, I am 21 years old; I went to St Hilda’s Collegiate School for high school which I graduated from in 2017. I worked at Gardens New Worlds from 2017-2021, I’ve always been a hardworking and
a reliable person. Throughout high school after spending time with my younger family members, I realised looking after young kids was something I really enjoyed and was good at. I therefore
started babysitting from the age of 14 for a range of different families and continued this
throughout my high school years. The children’s ages ranged from 3-12, with each age
came with their own unique joys as well as challenges. I really enjoy looking after young
children, I like taking on the responsibility and having the potential to be an influential
friend and role model in their lives. I’ve had a passion for caring for and helping others and have decided I would love to be a nurse. I believe working as a nurse would be a really fulfilling career and have therefore applied
to study a Bachelor of Nursing in 2022.

I look forward to meeting you.