Jess B

Babysitter & Nanny

Hello, my name is Jess and I am 21 years old. I have been working with children (mostly aged 0-12) since I was 14. Originally my work began baby-sitting for the neighbour’s kids. In 2014 I took a gap year and worked at a children’s summer camp in the USA for three months as a camp leader. My duties included full time care of girls ages 5-15. This ranged from helping them get ready for the day, meal preparation and general entertainment. Even though each group of kids only stayed for a week at a time, amazing bonds were developed with all the children and it the best three months of my life. When I returned to NZ I became a nanny for three children (6, 8 and 10). This was primarily before and after school care so duties included; helping with homework, meal preparation, sports commitments and getting ready for school/bed. Since the end of 2014 until current I have had part time care of a little girl who has just turned two. Through caring for her I realised my main passion was for babies/toddlers. My duties with her included feeding, nappy changing, bathing, playing and care through the night and she went through teething. I see myself as an adventurous, fun and loving nanny. I am quite sporty and have a real passion for the outdoors. I also have three little brothers, so that accompanied with my vast experience means I would be more than suited to any form of childcare.